Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully these FAQs are helpful, however if you have any other questions drop us a message on Facebook or send us an email at

How do I build a boat?
Anyone can build a boat. Click here to find detailed step-by-step USA instructions or Australian instructions on how to build the BBCo Classic Rowboat. For instructions on how to build the BBCo Sailboat, click here for USA instructions or Australian instructions.

How long will it take me to build?
The BBCo Classic Rowboat Kit and Sailboat Kit usually take around 30 hours to put together + some drying time. We suggest doing it over two weekends so that the materials can effectively glue together. Remember most of the fun is in building it.

The BBCo Pilot Kit is for the more serious boat-builder, and takes up to 100 hours to complete and you should make sure to allow several weekends for construction, so that the glue has a chance to set.

What size are the boats?
The BBCo Classic Rowboat and Sailboat is 2.4m (7’8″) long and 1.3m (4’3″) wide, with a waterline length of 6′. The BBCo Pilot is 4.1m (13’6″) long and 1.6m (5’2″) wide.

What paint should I use on the boat?
You will get the best results from using specialty marine paint. We recommend sanding back the timbers, then using a 2 pack primer/under coat and ‘toplac’ (a gloss marine enamel) for the bright work. ‘International paints‘ are our favourite but there are many others you can choose.

Can I create my own figurehead?
Yes, you can with our Design-Your-Own Figurehead. The boats come with standard figureheads, either Nicole’s fairy penguin or Andrew’s flying seal, but you can create your own! Send us a photo of what you would like on your personalised figurehead – ideas from other BBCo fans include a puffin, a leaping frog, or the family pet.

How many people will fit in the boat?
The BBCo Classic Rowboat and Sailboat can both take up to 3 adults, and the BBCo Pilot can take up to 6 adults. You should always have the heaviest person in the middle, and that person should be the first to get in and the last to get out. Remember always put your feet in the middle of any boat and don’t step off from the side ledge or the boat will tip over.

How many oars should I buy?
The BBCo Classic Rowboat and Sailboat have one set of oarlocks, to accommodate one pair of oars. The BBCo Pilot has two sets of rowlocks, to accommodate two pairs of oars. However you can still row the boat with one pair of oars.

Can I attach an outboard motor?
Yes, the transom is 60mm deep so the clamp on your out board will need to open this far.

Can I order a specialty wood?
Yes, you can we do have available a range of non-standard woods available. There are three types of Ply, Hoop pine and Pacific maple. Contact us to discuss your options.

Will you ship overseas?
Yes, we ship overseas. See our shipping info page.

If I don’t have time to build a boat, but want to paint it myself, can you build my boat for me?
Yes, we can. Take a look at our collection of built boats, which are hand-made in our workshop. We deliver an handcrafted, unpainted version, so that you can still add the final touches to your boat.

If you have any other questions or queries drop us a message on Facebook or send us an email at